Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

house fire

Every season has its own unique risks for fire disasters. During the summer, you likely found yourself hanging out at the grill and possibly shooing away playing children who could accidentally get hurt playing around the grillmaster. In the fall, preparing for fire safety brings new challenges as the Santa Ana winds to take into acount.

Beware of Fire Hazards

Begin by clearing your property of dried leaves, twigs, and other potential fire hazards that have accumulated during the hot, dry months. Pay attention to your gutters and areas around your home. There are indoor fire hazards as well; cooking, HVAC issues, broken electrical outlets, cigarettes, and candles are common fire hazards.

Check Fire Alarms

Install or check your home’s smoke detectors and fire extinguishers to ensure they are fully functional. Test smoke alarms every month, and replace the batteries every year. If it is time to replace your fire alarms, consider installing products that can sync to your phone. These can tell you battery strength, alert you to an alarm when you are away from home, and some even monitor carbon monoxide or other hidden risks.

Know What to do & Conduct a Fire Drill

Sit down with your family to create a fire emergency plan, including a couple of exit plans and meeting points. This may seem scary for children, but remember, they practice these same types of drills at school. When you practice to ensure everyone knows the drill, you can explain to them that it is just like the drills they do at school.