Water Damage: Categories and Classifications

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Depending on its origin, water damage can fit into one of three categories. These categories have to do with the level of danger involved with the water damage. Keep in mind, water can fit a more harmful category if left sitting for too long. Microorganisms and mold spores can reproduce at a rapid pace in standing […]

From Chaos to Calm: Transform Hoarded Houses

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Challenges of Hoarding Cleanup Hoarding exceeds the realm of everyday clutter; it comes from the compulsive acquisition and the difficulty of parting with possessions, which can lead to hazardous and unsanitary living conditions. Clearing up a hoarded home necessitates a compassionate and systematic approach, addressing the physical and emotional aspects. Here’s how Begin Again Decon […]

Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

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Every season has its own unique risks for fire disasters. During the summer, you likely found yourself hanging out at the grill and possibly shooing away playing children who could accidentally get hurt playing around the grillmaster. In the fall, preparing for fire safety brings new challenges as the Santa Ana winds to take into […]

Expert Answers to Frequently Asked Questions on Biohazard Cleanup

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Around out the year in Los Angeles with as many friends, family, and fun as possible with cookouts, gatherings, and outdoor activities bringing people together. We don’t want to rain on your parade of action packed holiday season. Still, at Begin Again Decon, we want our fellow Los Angeles county area residents to be aware […]

What to Expect During Your Water Restoration Service

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 Inspect the Situation The first step is inspection. Assessing the situation reveals the water’s source and the level of danger present. Entering the building or home may not be safe due to structural damage. Exposure to the water might also be unsafe, depending on its source and categorization. Category 3 black water poses a serious […]